Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Happy Release Day Melissa Cutler !


Photo: As you probably know, I'm celebrating a release day today for THE MISTLETOE EFFECT. So here's a question for you: is cake smashing between a bride and groom at a wedding reception ever okay? Have you ever personally seen that happen at a reception? 

I broached the subject in The Mistletoe Effect, and here's a little sample of that scene for you to enjoy...
His breath stuttered out of him, fanning over her neck and shoulder. His swaying faltered. Then he stopped pretending to dance altogether and searched her face with hungry eyes. When those eyes settled on her lips, she rose up, angling her head, her eyes closing, ready for that kiss he’d almost given her earlier, before they’d been interrupted.

His hands stroked her back and hips. His lips teased her cheek and nose. “You are a beautiful woman,” he said quietly. Beautiful wasn’t a word she often heard directed at her. Hearing it from James Decker’s lips sent a full-body tingle rippling through her. “And sexy. So damn sexy.”

He brushed a hand along her temple, cradling the side of her head in a way that told her that kiss she’d been longing for was on its way.

“But it doesn’t matter how beautiful or sexy you are,” he said in a husky voice, his lips so close to hers she could sense their movement. “I’m still going to smash cake on your face during the cake-cutting ceremony.”

So much for that kiss. The closing notes of the dance sounded as her eyes flew open. She gave him a push along with her most chastising glare. “You would not.”

He chuckled. “I’ve always wanted to, but I figure that when I get married for real, my wife won’t allow me that honor. This is my one and only chance.”

It was sound logic. Juvenile, but sound.

With each wedding Carina had planned, the dreaded possibility of cake smashing hung around her neck like a yoke because, besides an unlimited host bar, that was the number one predictor of a reception devolving into chaos and destruction. Because who did that kind of thing, truly? Who was the kind of person to smash a messy dessert into the face of their beloved on the most important day of their lives? A troublemaker, that’s who.

And there was her answer, because Decker was all kinds of trouble, always had been, even if he’d been a gentleman tonight.

They were ushered to the cake table by the DJ, who handed Carina the knife. Decker reached out as though to set his hand over hers as she gripped the handle, but she figured since she was presently armed and dangerous, a mild threat was in order.

She brandished the blade at him. “Don’t you dare smash cake on me.”

Decker eyed the blade and held up his hands as though in surrender. “How are you going to stop me? With that dull knife?”

She gave it a swish. “Maybe.”

“I think stabbing the groom would be considered a Mistletoe Effect jinx, isn’t that right, Granny June?”

Granny snapped a photo of him with his arms raised. “You got that right, honey. Jinx prevention is serious business.”

Decker placed a hand over his heart in a show of sincerity. “Here that, Wife? I don’t want all your sacrifices tonight to be for naught.”

Carina narrowed her eyes at him. If she couldn’t get him to stand down, then it was time to fight fire with fire…

The Mistletoe Effect is a great Christmas story by Melissa Cutler that I loved reading.

Carina Briscoe is the wedding and event coordinator at the Briscoe Ranch Resort which is owned and operated by her family. The resort is busiest during the month of December due to the “Mistletoe Effect” that it is known for.  For the last fifty years, beginning with her grandparents June and Tyson Briscoe, every couple that has been married in December hasn’t gotten divorced.

Haylie, who is Carina’s sister walks out of her own wedding ceremony after being enraged by the actions of her soon-to-be husband. Granny June and Mr. Briscoe, Carina’s dad tells her that she has to get married or the Mistletoe Effect will be jinxed. Mr. Briscoe tells the Ranch Foreman, James Decker that he needs to marry Carina to save the Mistletoe Effect.

James Decker has had his eye on Carina since the day he was hired at the Briscoe Ranch nearly ten years earlier. He sees this as an opportunity to spend the time with Carina that he has always wanted to, but was afraid of losing his job. He even insists that she live in his home as husband and wife as a condition of him agreeing to this marriage. Carina also agrees to this because she has also been interested in him since he started working for her father.

Carina is also a seamstress and she designs wedding dresses on the side. I loved how she and Decker shared their dreams, their history and their feelings. They encourage each other to go after the dream they have. The relationship really grew throughout the story.

Granny June is so funny throughout the story. She is always taking candid pictures with her smartphone to post on Facebook.

I highly recommend this holiday read. You will love it as I did!!!