Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hot On Ice Anthology


By Lena Hart



“Courage is doing what you are afraid to do.”


When the opportunity came to be a part of HOT ON ICE anthology, my immediate response was: “YES, I’M IN.” It was immediately followed by: “Um, wait. I know nothing about hockey.”


But that was a lie. If I knew nothing else about hockey, I knew two things: there are sexy men involved and these sexy men are on ice.


So I pushed pass that little thing called anxiety and set out to write a hockey romance—even though I’ve never watched a hockey game in my life. But in writing my first hockey romance, I found that it really isn’t about the game, but the story.


In COURAGE, my story in the Hot On Ice anthology, my hero Mason Courage goes from assistant coach to head coach after his team brings home the championship Cup. But a trophy and promotion quickly loses their appeal when his wife Jules files for divorce.


But Mason is a fighter and still very much in love—and lust—with his wife. He isn’t about to give up on her or his children without a fight. Even if that fight includes a few sessions of marriage counseling.


*insert man groan*


Mason learns, however, that therapy can have its advantages and that includes falling in love with his wife again. So take the journey with him… In COURAGE, you’ll find a devoted husband and a loving wife who both want to make their marriage work, an 8-year-old son infatuated with pandas, and a sassy 5-year-old daughter with a big imagination.


For my first sports romance, I have to say I enjoyed writing Mason and Jules second chance at love. Do I see a sports romance series in my future? Hmm, maybe…


Who am I kidding? Of course they’ll be a series!


*insert evil laughter*


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