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SURPRISE Cover Reveal - Noah's Journey by CA Harms




Series: Sawyer Brothers #3
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: FEBRUARY 2, 2016

The years that were taken can never be repaid.

The memories stolen can never be returned.

But I had to move forward…for him, my son.

Noah had spent years wondering what he could have done differently. Wondering what he’d done wrong to make Stacey leave. The heartache from her absence and the what-ifs of their past eventually turned to anger—and then disgust.

It took years for him to move on, and once he did, his past came thundering back, revealing a secret.

A secret that would forever change his future.

Alena had waited for the chance to have more with Noah. He was an enigma, a man of mystery, yet she wasn’t quite ready to give up on him. She knew there was more to him than what he allowed those around him to see. She was drawn to his charm and his calm nature. With an uprooted past of her own, she craved a little stability more than anything. But when things between them finally begin to grow into more, their relationship is tested.

Will it all be too much for Alena to handle?
Or will she decide to stay and be a part of…Noah’s Journey?




C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy
endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had
once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking
and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband
and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand
as it is her favorite pass time.


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Release Day: More Than You Know (The Harrisons Book 1) by Jennifer Gracen

Hotel owner Dane Harrison, middle brother of a wealthy Long Island family, needs a lounge singer for his new luxury property. With her stunning voice and amazing curves, Julia Shay is perfect. She also seems to be the only woman in New York City who isn’t falling at Dane’s feet. And despite her feisty attitude and his rule against workplace affairs, he wants her—in his arms, in his bed, anywhere and everywhere.

Julia loves her new job, and she knows better than to think she can keep it and Dane. Even if he wasn’t her boss, Julia’s painful history has given her ample reason to steer clear of rich, powerful charmers. Still, their chemistry is unlike anything she’s known, and when it becomes too much to resist, they agree to one no-strings night together. But instead of quenching the fire, the intense encounter only proves how much they have to lose—or win…



More than you know is the first book in the new Harrison series. I have read other books by Ms. Gracen and love her writing. This story is as awesome as the others I have read by her!!

Dane Harrison is a very successful hotel owner. He's looking for a singer to headline at the lounge of his newest New York City hotel. 

At the advice of his sister Tess, Dane visits a bar on Long Island to listen to Julia Shay sing. Dane loves Julia's voice and immediately offers her the job. Dane is very attracted to Julia and despite his "no dating employees" rule, he finds it is hard to resist her. 

Julia is a very private person with a past that makes her weary of dating. She also knows that it is wrong to date her boss, but she is just as attracted to Dane as he is to her. What starts as "no strings" slowly becomes a relationship.

I really enjoyed reading this story. The characters are complex with each having their own issues to overcome. I liked how Dane's sister Tess and Julia's friend Kelvin each helped them with the relationship.

I  am looking forward to reading the future books in this series!



 Jennifer Gracen hails from Long Island, New York, where she lives with her two young sons. After spending her youth writing in private and singing in public, she now only sings in her car and has fully embraced her lifelong passion for writing. She loves to write contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction for readers who yearn for better days, authentic characters, and satisfying
endings. When she isn’t taking care of her kids, doing freelance copy editing/proofreading, reading, or talking to friends on Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer writes. She’s shocked her family hasn’t yet staged an intervention for her addiction to social media. But the concerts she gives in her car and the
dance parties she has in her kitchen are rumored to be fabulous.

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Hooked By Love is finally here!

But to understand the end - you must first start from the beginning...

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***


(Bellevue Bullies #1)


Jude Sinclair here, hockey player for the Bellevue Bullies and lover of all ladies. Hockey’s in my blood, and not to sound full of myself, but I’m good at it…really good. The draft is within my reach—it’s mine to take—but that’s not the only reason people know my name. They know me because of my way with women. They know the score, and I aim to please. I just tend to stay away from repeat performances. In other words, I don’t do relationships beyond my family and friends. I’m happy with life. However, I should warn you that my story and how I see it playing out is about to change due to a certain redhead on campus.
She’s beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking.
She’s my game changer.
He’s trouble from the moment I see him. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but from the moment I meet his gaze, I’m his. It’s a scary feeling.
I’ve never trusted anyone outside my aunt and uncle—and even that took months. I didn’t have it easy growing up. My mom was usually strung out, and she didn’t give me a second thought. Drugs and the men who paid her were more important to her. It was horrible, but I’m stronger today. Because of my past, security is what I need most. Money assures me that I can take care of myself today, tomorrow, and next month. I don’t want to ever be hungry or go without again, so I work hard for every penny.
Oh, by the way, I’m Claire Anderson. I’m a hard-studying sophomore at the University of Bellevue, dancer for the school dance team, and a burlesque dancer at a club, but that’s my secret.
You may think you know how our story ends, but you have no clue. It’s not easy falling in love… or living happily ever after. At first it may seem so, but when is anything worth having ever won without a fight?
Especially when you’re boarded by love.


*** *** *** *** *** *** ***


(Bellevue Bullies #2)


Things are heating up for the Sinclair boys! With one already in the NHL, Jayden Sinclair is hoping to be next!
This has been the toughest year of my life. I watched my brother go into the draft without me, my mom got divorced, and the weight of my family’s issues is heavy on my shoulders. I feel like it’s my job to fix everything while working my butt off in school and trying to make my game better. I have to go into the draft. It will give my family the support they need, and it will prove that I’m good enough. But to get there, I have to show I can be the best captain for the Bellevue Bullies. The spot is mine—no one can take it. First though, Jude is making me go on a brother’s weekend. Innocent enough, I guess…until I see her. She’s the biggest competitor I’ve ever faced. Not only for my spot but also my heart. It’s hard to ignore someone like Baylor Moore.
I don’t lose. I can’t. My dad has bred me to be the best in anything I do. I am driven, I am smart, and I am going to be the first woman in the National Hockey League. No two ways about it. I’ve worked too hard. I’ve been through too much not to have what I want. I know I can do it. I will make my dad proud, and no one will stand in the way of that. That is, until I let him in. He scares me. He makes me feel. And he could very well be the one person who can make me want more than just to win.
We both have the same goal. Victory. But how do you compete against the person you want to win? It’s not easy. Love isn’t something you can control. It isn’t like a puck that can be handled by a stick.
No, it has a mind of its own and does what it wants.
Neither of us saw it coming, and we really don’t know if there is a way to score, especially when you’re being Clipped by Love.


*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.26.01 PM
*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

And now... I am proud to FINALLY introduce you all to:


(Bellevue Bullies #3)

Hooked by Love-high


Things are out of control for the Sinclair boys! With two already in the NHL, Jace Sinclair is ready to follow in his brothers’ HUGE skates in the last Bellevue Bullies novel…
Jace Sinclair here, and I’m amazing. There is no other way to describe me. I am the leading scorer for the Bellevue Bullies, I’m the captain, and people love me: my family, my teammates, my coach, and the NHL. This is my last year in college–I already have one foot in the draft. Hockey keeps me warm even when it’s freezing. It’s always there when nothing else is. And it pushes me to be the best I can be. It’s my one and only love.
That is, until I see her against a tree with a guitar.
The last thing I wanted was to meet anyone. My heart is on the bench because of what happened with my parents, and I don’t want that for myself. I don’t want to be hurt by anyone. I can’t give them that power.
But my heart is begging for ice time, and I can’t control it around her.
* * *
I’ve always been in the background. No one has ever had time for me and that’s fine; I’ve learned to cope. Coming from a family where hockey is life, the last thing I want is some big, burly hockey player charging at me. I don’t have time for it, but Jace Sinclair isn’t one to be deked around.
I didn’t want to meet anyone. I didn’t want to end up freezing the puck with him. It’s not what I want.
I have demons.
I have issues.
Living in the shadows, no one even knew until it was too late. But Jace wants to know.
He wants me.
And that scares me the living hell out of me.
We were so worried about what would happen if we fell, but we never thought what could happen in the process of falling. We never saw it coming. But it’s here, and the repercussions are not pretty.
We should have known that there is no way out of the zone when you are being Hooked by Love.


Check out some of my favorite TEASERS for HOOKED BY LOVE







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UNDENIABLE by CA Harms Blog Tour

Series: The Key West #4
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Sometimes in life you are forced to do things you may not agree with. 

Family meant everything to Jude Calvert. 

He would do whatever it took to keep them safe and provide for them no matter what it took to make that happen. 

Even if that meant putting his own safety at risk, he had no other choice. 

Callie Raine has always felt a heavy attraction toward Jude. 

He was fascinating. 

He was undeniable. 

She knew there was so much more to him than he allowed anyone to see. But she was a headstrong woman and feeling weak was something she wouldn’t allow. 

Except when it came to Jude. 

However, when Jude is hit with the unexpected and forced to rely on others, Callie realizes he doesn’t take weakness easily. 

He becomes even more withdrawn. 

More angry. 

Will he finally give in and learn to lean on those who care? 

Or will he push them beyond the point of no return and once again be left to face his obstacles alone?


Available on Kindle Unlimited!



“Hello.” I froze as Jude’s voice carried up the stairway, then jumped up from my position on the floor in our bedroom and scrambled for the door. Before I opened it, I turned back to face the kids, who were playing tug-of-war with the unnamed puppy.
“Stay here.” They both nodded, and I slipped out of the room, closing the door behind me. Jude had just reached the top of the steps, and he looked up with a smile.
“Where are the kids?”
“They’re playing in our room,” I said as I approached him.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing,” I assured him as I continued to walk. He cocked an eyebrow at me, and my stomach dropped. He was seeing right through me. I was such a bad liar.
“The kids are busy. Wanna sneak downstairs and have a quickie?” I wagged my eyebrows, but his facial expression did not change in the slightest.
“Now I know you’re full of shit. You’re actually attempting to distract me with sex,” he said with a grin. I was just about to argue when the puppy barked.
“What was that?” he asked.
My stomach was flipping around anxiously, and I didn’t even get to figure out a way to break the news before everything broke loose. The bedroom door came open behind me, and I heard the puppy’s claws tapping against the hardwood floor as Zoey and Matthew followed him. Squealing and laughter filled the hallway as I remained locked in place. I avoided looking at Jude. In fact, I stared down the floor instead.
“Are those my boxers?” Jude asked, and I looked up. He was pointing at the puppy, who was sitting back on his butt looking up at Jude. Hanging from his mouth were a red pair of Jude’s Calvin Klein boxers I had just purchased last week.
“Warrior likes to play tug-of-war with them,”
Matthew announced as he pulled on the other end of the red material.
“See, you just hook your hand through this handle, and he pulls back.”
Matthew slipped his little hand through the front opening in the boxers.
“His name is not Warrior,” Zoey argued.
“We still have to draw for his name, remember? Callie said so.”
I could feel Jude’s eyes boring in to me. I knew he was waiting for me to look up, but I was avoiding eye contact.
“What do you think we should name him, Uncle Jude?” Matthew asked.
“I like Warrior, but Zoey said Buddy or Charlie. I don’t like those.”
The kids began to argue over the name of our new puppy, and of course I continued to keep my head down as my heart raced with the idea that Jude may be angry.
“Callie,” Jude said, and my stomach lurched. He didn’t sound mad, yet he didn’t sound happy, either. Silence set in, and I knew all eyes were on me. I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes tightly.
“I never should have let them convince me to go into the pet store, but before I knew what hit me, they were laughing and playing with this cute little guy.”
I looked up and found Jude staring back at me, an unreadable expression on his face. “They ganged up on me, and they gave me that look. You know the one.”
t was then I noticed the smile tugging at his lips. “Are you ever going to be able to tell them no?”
Jude asked as he stepped around the puppy. I shook my head. I knew the moment they turned on me and gave me those big, sad eyes, I was putty in their hands. I was unable to disappoint them.


The Key West series is the first series by CA Harms that I have read and I loved it!

The books in the series can be read as a stand alone, but I enjoyed reading each one in order.

I was looking forward to reading Undeniable, which is book #4, the story of Callie and Jude. 

Callie has always had feelings for Jude and has patiently waited for him to return them. They casually flirt and exchange looks. Their friends can see the attraction  between Callie and Jude that they don't act upon. 

Jude has his hands full with work and taking care of his sick sister and her children at home. Feeling the need to always be in control, Jude even keeps his friends at a distance, not wanting them to get too close to him, so he won't get hurt. 

Jude has tried to deny his feelings for Callie for a very long time. When he is put in the hospital after a fight, Callie helps his sister and family. Jude's sister Katelynn shows him that it is ok to let his guard down and not deny his feelings for Callie any more. He finds that he is happier person after doing that and letting his other friends into his life more.

There are times in this story that you laugh, you cry, and you laugh again.  It is a story of learning to let love into your heart. To take a chance so you don't have regrets and getting the reward from trying. 

I was sad to see the end of the series, but I really enjoyed how the ending was done. I loved being updated on how the characters from the previous books relationships had evolved. They all became "one big family".

I will definitely read more books by this author!  Thank you for writing such a great series! 

Purchase Books 1-3 in The Key West Series today!

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.


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Release Day: Jett's Wild Wolf: Mystic Wolves Book 3 by Elle Boon

 Jett’s Wild Wolf

Will Jett and Taryn be able to get their happily ever after,
or will it be destroyed by their enemy?

Taryn yearned for the freedom to find a place where she belonged. A place where she
was loved and could love without fear. The first time she saw Jett, her heart
and mind knew he was the one for her.

Jett nearly lost his place in the Mystic Wolves because of one wild wolf. Now, she’s
saved his life, and his wolf wants her for their own. Can he trust her not to
betray them all?

Taryn and Jett fight the attraction they’ve felt simmering between them, until danger
almost takes what is most precious away… an unyielding love they’d never
thought they deserved to have.


There was a brief pause in his breathing, and she could see he meant it. His dick twitched against her, still trapped within the confines of his clothes. If he’d been one of the wolves of her pack, she knew he’d already have fucked her six ways to Sunday, and not given two shits if he’d hurt her, or if she was willing. The fact he was willing to stop after she’d teased to the point she had, showed what kind of man he was.

“I want you almost as much as I want to drive your Road Runner.” She smiled when his eyes glinted with that hint of humor she loved seeing.

He dropped back down, keeping most of his weight on his elbows. “You got a thing for my car?” His tongue came out, the piercing making her think of naughty things he could do with it.

She nodded. “Oh, yeah, buddy. I definitely think your car is sexy.”

His right brow raised. “I think there’s a country song about that.”

She was having a hard time listening to his words while his mouth began tracing a path along her collarbone. “I think that’s about a tractor.” Her back bowed off the bed just as his lips latched onto her right breast, sucking the tip into his mouth. Good, goddess, she swore her nerve endings wouldn’t survive the tongue lashing.

He placed kisses on her stomach, going lower until he reached her belly button. Jett’s hands gripped her knees, drawing them apart and laying between them, a wicked smile played on his lips. “Watch me, Taryn.” He used the fingers of one hand, holding her pussy open while he made one long swipe with his tongue.

Her eyes widened, utterly transfixed by the sight. That first touch nearly had her coming undone. The barbell hit her clit, the tiny touch from his piece of jewelry jolted through her system. She closed her eyes, gripping the sheet below her.

Taryn couldn’t keep her eyes open as he began nuzzling her flesh. His talented, yet diabolical tongue, was driving her insane as he lifted her legs over his shoulders, tilting her hips at a better angle, and his tongue slid inside her.

She screamed his name at the feel of him stroking her inner walls with his piercing.

Jett’s big hands held her tighter, his arms wrapped around her thighs, lifting her closer, circling her clit until the bud became hard.

He moved one hand down, stroking through her cream, humming. “You taste fucking amazing. I knew you would, too.” He licked his fingers, making a smacking noise, and then tongued her core as he wiggled his tongue against her clit.

Taryn came as he found just the right pressure, her body bucking against his face while he held her to him, licking and fucking her with his fingers and mouth. He didn’t let her go until he’d finished, his growls adding another layer of ecstasy to her pleasure. She’d never come so hard in her life.

“Jett,” she murmured, twisting her hands in his hair. Her legs shook, her heels dug into his back, and he still pressed kisses along her inner thigh, licking her, gentling his attention on her clit. The man knew just how, when and where to touch a woman. She didn’t want to think of the countless, faceless women he’d done exactly the same thing to. He eased her legs off his shoulders, massaging them before climbing up her body, his breathing labored as he lay over her.

He worked his boxers off, letting them fall off the side of the bed.

The ease which he slid into the cradle of her hips, and the smile that lit his gorgeous face made her heart stop for a second. She could so easily love this man.

His cock bumped against her pussy. “You ready for me?”

She wrapped her legs around his waist, gripping his shoulders for something to hold on to. 

“Absolutely. Do you need me to show you what to do, or…” He stopped her words with one long thrust, filling her full to bursting. Her wolf wanted to sink her teeth into his shoulder, but she pushed her back. She couldn’t keep her nails from digging into his back as he pushed a little further into her pussy, the tight fit almost too painful, but she relaxed her muscles, allowing him to sink a little more inside.

He pulled back, slipping one hand between them, the other he wrapped under her shoulder. As he used his thumb to play with her clit, she felt him slide all the way inside. She exhaled.

“You okay?” he asked, pausing to look down at her.

She licked her lips, and released her fingers from the death grip they had on him, hoping she hadn’t hurt him, but he didn’t seem to mind. “Yes. I’m fine. You can move.”

Jett’s head bent, and pressed his lips to hers, he kissed her mouth, and she tasted herself on his lips. She sucked his tongue into her mouth as his hips pushed forward. The feel of the piercing was both foreign and erotic as hell.

He pulled his hips back, almost pulling all the way out until only the tip of his cock was inside her. She squeezed her thighs around his hips, not wanting to lose him, making him chuckle.

“Believe me, nothing could make me stop fucking you right now.” He powered back inside.

His words sent a shard of hurt through her. Why she should care he would use such crude words she didn’t know. She assumed the slight bond she’d had to form when saving him was the reason, but she pushed it aside. The feel of him filling her became her sole focus. With each thrust he slid in more easily, her body accepting him as more cream flowed from her while he brought her closer toward the edge again.

Changing the angle, he tilted her hips, pulling a pillow over and placing it under her, he pushed into her faster, rotating his hips on each downward thrust, the swiveling motion hitting her clit each time.

Taryn cried out as he hit the right spot, arching into his strokes again and again.

“Open your eyes. Look at me. Know who is making you come,” he demanded.

Her eyes jerked open. “Jett,” she screamed, her head thrown back, the pleasure so intense it took all her willpower to do as he’d commanded. Their bodies slammed together, his groan was accompanied by a loud growl. He let go of her shoulder and gripped the headboard, she was sure she heard the wood splinter as his thrusts increased. She didn’t think she could come again, but then he pulled out, flipping her to her stomach, raising her onto her knees, and drove into her from behind.

“One more time. I want to feel you milking my cock.”

Her gasp of pleasure was her only answer. Kneeling behind her, Jett’s strokes came faster, his hands on her hips held her steady for his thrusts.

Taryn’s pussy clenched around him. The rhythm he set up was fast and furious, and one she had no hope of denying, not that she wanted to. He pressed his fingers against her clit, circling it, then rubbed side-to-side.

“Yes, oh god, yes.” She balanced with her knees farther apart, and then her climax hit, throwing her headlong into a vortex of pleasure. Her fangs elongated, wanting to sink into his flesh and mark him. Instead, she bit into the pillow.

Jett followed her, his orgasm making a mini spasm go off in her. If they’d been mates he’d have been knotted inside her. A pang of loss hit her.

He draped over her back, their sweat cooling as they caught their breaths. “Did I hurt you, sweets?”

She tried for nonchalance, but with him still inside and over her she wasn’t sure if she could pull it off. “No, but you’re kinda heavy.” She wiggled for effect.

He chuckled softly. “You keep moving that fine ass, and you’ll get fucked again.”

“Hmm, I don’t think I’m up for that just yet,” she said then yawned for affect.

Jett kissed the side of her throat. “Stay still. I’ll be right back,” he said as he slid out of her.


Taryn made her way through the throng of people. Bike week in full swing at Sturgis made it easy for her to blend into the crowd at the largest biker’s bar in town. She loved the anonymity that came with the thousands of people who flooded the small town each year.

The music throbbed a sexy beat, reminding her of the last time she’d been in Chaps, surely a stupid move, but a girl was allowed to be stupid every once in a while. As she got closer to the stage where the band was playing, women were more than half naked, screaming like a bunch of banshees. Taryn looked over her shoulder at the ladies she’d come with, making sure they were keeping up with her.

“We are so not taking our tops off, Taryn,” Darian yelled in her ear.

A snort escaped Taryn. She’d met Darian and her motley group of friends a few weeks back at the library studying for exams. When they’d noticed Taryn sitting alone on a nightly basis, the women had decided she needed rescuing. Now, she led them to the front, knowing if they needed rescuing she’d be the one to save their asses.

She looked at the outfits each woman had on, then at her own daring ensemble. Yeah, none of them had much to take off, yet they all had on more than the women at the front of the stage.

“Get your asses up here ladies, and don’t puss out on me,” Taryn yelled, dragging Jenna and Kylie along. The band ended one song, only to start another.

Unable to get to the front, she and her friends moved to the side where a dance floor afforded them a view, but also allowed them the chance to get their groove on as Kylie loved to say. When she saw the way the girl started bopping to the music without a care, she joined her. A raucous round of giggling ensued, and then all four were dancing.

Taryn didn’t notice they were drawing attention as they danced to song after song, letting the beat carry her away. She loved music, could lose herself in the rhythm for hours. Looking up toward the stage, her eyes met the dark orbs of the one man sure to set her body aflame. He stared at her while he twirled the drumsticks in both hands, never missing a beat. His lips moved, singing along to the song, every now and again she could see the piercing on his extremely long tongue.

She licked her lips, his eyes seemed to follow the movement, narrowing as a guy bumped into her back. His black eyes flared, the eyes of his wolf apparent.

Panic made her stumble into Darian. “Excuse me ladies. I need a drink. Be right back.”

She didn’t wait around for them to say anything. Her fight or flight instinct kicking in like prey caught in a predator’s sight. Not that she thought Jett of the Mystic Pack even knew who she was. With all the people crowding the bar, there was no way her scent could reach him, she assured herself. Standing in line to get a drink she got her nerves under control.

After ordering four bottles of beer she made her way back to the dance floor. A DJ had started playing, giving the band a short break. Taryn handed each lady their drink, accepting their thanks with a smile. Not seeing the band, or the wolf, she decided she would not think of by name, Taryn sat her empty bottle of beer on the closest table.

“Oh, who knows how to do this line dance?” she asked. The song playing was an old one that was sure to get everyone up and dancing. Jenna jumped up and down, grabbing her hand as they shoved their way to the middle of the sawdust dance floor right in front of the stage.

They whooped and hollered along with the crowd, shaking their asses in miniscule denim skirts and cowgirl boots. Where Jenna was a little more covered with her boyish figure, Taryn drew more stares with her voluptuous curves, purple hair and tattoos. She color coordinated her black and purple tank to match her hair and topped it off with her favorite black boots with purple snakeskins. She didn’t have a lot of money, but she knew how to buy things on sale.

Shimmying to the beat, they took it down low, slapping the floor with the palm of her hand, she laughed at the look on Darian’s face as she made sure her knees were held together. No way in hell was she going to flash her panties to the crowd of onlookers.

“Why didn’t you beotchs join us?” Jenna asked.

Kylie began doing what was known as the peepee dance. “Who’s going to the bathroom with me?”

Taryn didn’t like the thought of being left alone, and just the mention of the bathroom had her bladder waking up. “Let’s go. You know what they say though. Once you break the seal.”

They laughed as they weaved their way toward the ladies room.

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I’m a wife and mother who is a retired stay at home mom of 2. I say retired because my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 20. When my baby went to school, reading saved my sanity, and then the same year he started school, I was diagnosed with Cancer, again reading saved my sanity. When I recovered and realized how quickly life could change, I made a bucket list. The number one thing was to live. Check. On top of that list was to become a published author. Check. Eight years later I have accomplished that goal and several others.

I live in the Midwest, but I”m a southern girl with only a slight twang who says y’all quite frequently, and am known to say “Bless Your Heart” A LOT. If you know what that means, you do not want to be the one I say that to, lol. I cuss worse than if a trucker and a sailor were put together, but I do it with class *WEG*.

I write what I love to read, erotic romance. My books are definitely full of lots of story, but I leave nothing to the imagination in or out of the bedroom. My hope is that after readers have read one of my stories, they fall in love with the characters as much as I have.

The best part of my new journey is that I get to create new worlds, and have all kinds of stories in my head just waiting to be written. I truly love to hear from readers. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or my webside, but I’m on Facebook ALL the time, so find me. I’d love to hear from


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Tasty Virtual Tour for BURNING BRIGHT, four contemporary Chanukah Romances from Megan Hart, KK Hendin, Stacey Agdern and Jennifer Gracen

Enter to Win a 
$25.00 eGift Card to Choice Book Seller

Burning Bright
Four Chanukah Love Stories
Megan Hart, KK Hendin, 
Stacey Agdern and Jennifer Gracen
Releasing December 1st, 2015 
Avon Impulse

This December, take a break from dreidel spinning, gelt winning, and latke eating to experience the
joy of Chanukah. When you fall in love during the Festival of Lights, the world
burns a whole lot brighter.

It’s definitely not love at first sight for Amanda and her cute but mysterious new neighbor, Ben. Can a Chanukah miracle show them that getting off on the wrong foot doesn’t mean they can’t walk the same road?

Lawyers in love, Shari Cohen and Evan Sonntag are happy together. But in a moment of doubt, he pushes her away-then soon realizes he made a huge mistake. To win her back, it might take something like a Chanukah miracle.

When impulsive interior designer Molly Baker-Stein barges into Jon Adelman’s apartment and his life intent on planning the best Chanukah party their building has ever seen, neither expects that together, they just might discover a Home for Hannukah.

All Tamar Jacobs expected from her Israel vacation was time to hang out with one of her besties and to act like a tourist, cheesy t-shirt and all, in her two favorite cities. She definitely was not expecting to fall for Avi Levinson, a handsome soldier who’s more than she ever dreamed. 


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When I heard that this anthology of Chanukah themed stories was coming out, I was so excited!! I couldn’t wait to read this book about the holiday I celebrate!!

If I was asked which story I liked the most, I wouldn’t be able to decide. I loved each one! 

Miracle by Megan Hart
Ben is Amanda’s new neighbor. They meet when Amanda is mistakenly delivered a package that is for Ben. Ben has just recently moved to town and is a new tenant in her building. Ben and Amanda start spending time together and share things about themselves and like each other.

Ben has a past which he is reluctant to talk about. When he gets an unexpected visit from his father, Ben explains everything to Amanda. Ben also says that he understands if Amanda doesn’t want to see him anymore.

I love what Amanda tells Ben. She says that sometimes when there are things you don’t think you can handle, you find that you can. That the miracle was meeting the right person at the right time that helped.

A Dose of Gelt by Jennifer Gracen
Evan and Shari have a great relationship. They have been together for seven months and spend practically every day together. When Evan brings Shari to meet his family for Chanukah, there is tension caused by them.

When his family starts asking if he and Shari will get married, Evan gets cold feet and upset at the family. Evan is a divorce lawyer and it has made him leery of marriage. Not meaning to, since his family has upset him, Evan pushes Shari away and upsets her. Evan tells Shari they need time apart and he needs to assess their relationship. Shari gets upset and tells Evan she needs space also. During a long week apart, they realize how much they miss each other. Evan even shows Shari through gifts how much she means to him.

With help from her father, Shari realizes she also made mistakes with how she handled things. Evan travels to Shari’s parent’s house. He wants to discuss what had happened in person. They reconcile and Evan tells Shari that what they have and are going to have is their Chanukah miracle.

A Home for Chanukah by Stacey Agdern-
Molly Baker-Stein is planning a holiday party for Chanukah in the building where she lives. One day she knocks on the door of her neighbor Jon Adelman to ask for help with the planning. Since Jon has a car and Holly doesn’t, he takes her to the different places they need to get things for the party. They start to spend more time together and find they have feelings for one another.

Molly and Jon have a lot of fun together listening to music and going on errands for the party together. They have a very nice dinner at Holly’s Uncle Abe’s deli one night, as well as a trip to Jon’s sister’s bakery.

Jon travels a lot with his job working for a new Jewish music company. His apartment isn’t really furnished like others would.  Jon even says that it looks like a fraternity house since there isn’t much more than a futon. While Jon is away on one of his work trips, Molly surprises him by decorating his apartment. When Jon sees the apartment he gets upset that it was changed without him knowing.

After calming down, Jon talks to Uncle Abe about what happened. Uncle Abe makes Jon realize that Molly did what she did out of love. That she made Jon a home and he should show Molly how he appreciates her and what she did, which he does.

All I Got by KK Hendin
Tamar is on a trip to Israel during a break from college in New York.  On the first day she is there, she meets Avi.

Avi is an Israeli soldier that she meets at the bus stop. The two of them start talking and find they have a few things in common, including a friend. Since Tamar will only be in Israel a few weeks, Avi wants to spend time with her. They go on a trip and look at shirts with interesting sayings on them.

Tamar and Avi find that they think about each other a lot and are interested in each other, but Tamar has to go home early because of the weather. Avi  goes to New York to see Tamar. He tells her that he has a new job and would like to marry her. This isn’t out of the ordinary since they are both very religious. Sometimes you just know right away that this is the person you want to be with, no matter how long you have known each other.

Although each story is only a few chapters long, they are light reads which convey emotions in their own way.

 Whether you celebrate Chanukah or not, I would strongly recommend this book!!


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Megan Hart is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than thirty novels, novellas and short stories. Her work has been published in almost every genre, including contemporary women’s fiction, historical romance, paranormal and erotica. Learn more at

Jennifer Gracen hails from Long Island, New York, where she lives with her two young sons. After spending her youth writing in private and singing in public, she now only sings in her car and has fully embraced her lifelong passion for writing. She loves to write contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction for readers who yearn for better days, authentic characters, and satisfying
endings. When she isn’t taking care of her kids, doing freelance copy editing/proofreading, reading, or talking to friends on Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer writes. She’s shocked her family hasn’t yet staged an intervention for her addiction to social media. But the concerts she gives in her car and the
dance parties she has in her kitchen are rumored to be fabulous.

Stacey Agdern is an award winning former bookseller who has reviewed romance novels in multiple formats and given talks about various aspects of the romance genre. She also a romance writer. You can find her on twitter at @nystacey. She’s a proud member of both LIRW and RWA NYC. She lives in New York, not far from her favorite hockey team’s practice facility.

KK Hendin writes books where people flirt awkwardly, make out, dish out a whole lot of sass and ridiculousness, and live happily ever after. She’s the author of many books, including the TWELVE BEATS IN A BAR series and the upcoming UNDERCOVER series. She also writes books as K.
Hendin, where people aren’t as nice and Happily Ever After isn’t a guarantee. KK is currently writing way too many books, and is still waiting for the subway to run on a regular schedule. When she’s not playing book Tetris in an attempt to fit everything onto the bookshelves in her tiny NYC apartment, she’s probably wandering her neighborhood with her camera or drinking yet another cup of coffee.