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Release Day Review: SOMEONE LIKE YOU (The Harrisons Book 2) by Jennifer Gracen

A Zebra Shout Fresh New Romance

Pierce Harrison—yes, that Pierce Harrison, black sheep of the wealthy Harrison clan—has come home to his family's luxurious Long Island compound. The big question is why the dangerously sexy soccer star agreed to coach a kids' soccer team. His co-coach Abby McCord should be grateful. Instead she's fending off some seriously smoldering advances from the scandal-ridden athlete. Good thing bad boys are so not her type . . .

Abby is definitely not lacking in passion, but the sweet-faced beauty needs to learn a thing or two about taking a team to the championship—and a whole lot about how to let a man into her once-broken heart. Pierce definitely knows how to make the moves, but will Abby trust that the bachelor the world has condemned as a scoundrel can settle down with the one woman who has taken hold of his heart?

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Someone Like You is the second book in The Harrisons series by Jennifer Gracen.

Abby McCord has returned home after having her heart broken. She is focusing on her job, as well as helping her parents and sister raise her nephew Dylan. She is a first grade teacher and the coach of Dylan's soccer team.

Pierce Harrison has returned home to Long Island after a scandal ended his pro English football career. His sister Tess welcomes him home and wants to help him.She allows him to stay with her at her house until he figures out what he wants to do next.

One day Pierce meets his childhood friend at the local park and he sees the kids playing soccer. While watching the game, he notices Abby and becomes interested in her. He is asked to help Abby coach her team. Abby is wary at first, but sees how good he is with helping the kids.

Pierce asks Abby to go out with him. Having been hurt very badly in the past, she has major trust issues and is reluctant to go. Pierce encourages her to take one day at a time to see where things go. The two of them find they enjoy being together and a relationship develops. 

Pierce has a toxic relationship with his father: When at a party for his brother Dane, they get into a heated argument. Pierce is drunk and feeling bad, so he pushes Abby away. He thinks it's better if he ends things with her instead of her leaving him, which would hurt him more. He realizes right away that he has made a big mistake and spends the next few days down and drinking. His siblings have a talk with him and make him realize a lot of things he needs to change. 

I really enjoyed this book! Abby is a strong woman who unfortunately has been hurt many times. She is not sure she should, but lets her guard down to try one more time with Pierce.

It was a very nice part of the story where Pierce's siblings have the talk with him. He thought they weren't interested in him. They show him that they are and try to help.

I am looking forward to reading more about the Harrison family. I also hope there will be a story with Tess. I really like how she is so supportive of her brothers and helps them so much. 



Jennifer grew up torn between her two great loves: books and music. She spent most of her younger years unable to choose whether to be a writer or a singer. After spending her youth writing in private and singing in public, she now only sings in her car and has fully embraced her lifelong passion for writing.
Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Jennifer lives there currently with her two young sons.
Jennifer got her AA in Music from Dean College, attended Berklee College of Music for 2 years, and eventually got her BA in English from Molloy College. She worked as a copy editor before choosing to stay home full-time to raise her children. Now, she is copy editing and proofreading steadily on a freelance basis.
When she isn’t taking care of her family, reading, copy editing, or feeding her addictions to Twitter & Facebook, Jennifer is writing.
Jennifer is a member of the Romance Writers of America and is active in the Long Island Romance Writers (RWA Chapter 160). She is also a member of the CTRWA.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/231UNpa
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/jennifergracen

Release Day Review: Weekend with Her Bachelor (Bachelor Auction Book 4) by Jeannie Moon


Bachelor Gavin Clark is determined to help Marietta reach its fundraising goal for the town’s hospital charity. So the handsome emergency physician is up for almost anything on his date with the lucky winning bidder.
Little did he know his former high school crush, Ally Beaumont, just so happened to be that lucky winner. Their date whisks them off to her friend’s destination wedding at a romantic, luxury ranch resort in the western Montana mountains and close quarters, a shared history, and a magical location push the two old friends into each other’s arms…
Is Gavin and Ally’s story just beginning, or will their romance end with the weekend?

Chapter One
Ally Beaumont stared at the guest list and quietly cursed under her breath.
She knew there was a possibility her asshole of an ex-boyfriend would be at the destination wedding she’d been planning for a close friend, but she had no idea he was one of the groomsmen, and that he was going to be one of her main contacts during the festivities. Since when had he and the groom gotten that close?
A fun event had turned into something she was now dreading, putting Ally on a luxury ranch weekend with the man who had jilted her two days before their wedding, and no date of her own. She’d been informed that Lars, her ex, was bringing his lady friend for the weekend. She was his soulmate, apparently, and he had never been happier.
But Lars in the mix or not, her focus had to be on the bride and groom, and her goal was always to make the weekend special for everyone attending the wedding. Even her asshole of an ex. The venue was perfection. She stared at the pictures of the ranch pinned to the project board in her office. She couldn’t stop looking, and considering the view from her office window consisted of Puget Sound, with Bainbridge Island in the distance, that really said something.
The truth was, as much as Ally enjoyed her life in Seattle, she was still in love with her home state of Montana. And she knew the beauty and vastness of the Whispering River Ranch, set in the western mountains, was going to blow the guests away. There was nothing like a Montana spring.
“Ally?” Turning to the door of her office, her assistant nodded to the phone. “It’s a woman named Lisa Barnes. She said you know her from home. Something about an auction?”
Lisa Barnes. Wow. She hadn’t seen her in years. Lisa was one of her best friends at Marietta High School, and the two of them used to hide in the corner of the library, dreaming about finding Prince Charming. “Hey!” she said when she picked up the phone. “Fancy hearing from you! I saw your name on the wedding guest list…”
“Yup. Wedding. I can’t make it, unfortunately. Work. next week before you head out for that ranch.” Lisa was straight to the point and blunt as always.
“Hello to you too!” Ally said sarcastically. “I was planning on two weeks at home before I went to the mountains. I want to see my parents and catch up around town. What’s this you mentioned about an auction?”
“The second annual Marietta Bachelor Auction.”
“Wait… a bachelor auction?” Why the hell was she calling about a bachelor auction?
“It’s a fundraiser for the hospital. They’re raising money for a rooftop helipad. We’ve had them before, they stage it at Grey’s, lots of fun, but I thought you’d like to know that this round of bachelors went to school with us.”
“Who?” There were some fine looking boys back in school with her. One in particular she still thought about.
“Code Matthews, Nick Palotay, Colt Ewing—”
“Whoa.” Those were some gorgeous men going up on the auction block. “I bet there’s been a run on the bank.”
“You could say that, but there’s one more. Doctor Gavin Clark.”
Gavin. Clark. “R-really?” Gavin Clark was at the root of all her teen angst. He was her first crush, her first dance, her first kiss. Gavin was her first everything. It was quite possible, based on the way her heartbeat picked up, that she never got over him. He was sweet and handsome. A nice guy of the highest order—and of course, she’d managed to hurt him because she was stupid.
“He’s going up for auction? I’m confused.” Ally was definitely confused. “Gavin didn’t like to draw attention to himself. That doesn’t sound like his kind of gig.”
“Last year, Coach Downey’s grandson was killed in an on field collision. You had to have heard about that, you babysat him, didn’t you?”
“I did. Broke my heart when my mom told me. He was such a good kid.” Troy was a good kid, too. Whenever she ran into him in town, he was polite and sweet as could be. It was a tragic, tragic loss for the whole community.
“The roads were blocked, and he had to be airlifted to Bozeman because Marietta General doesn’t have a helipad. The guys were devoted to Coach. When he asked them to participate in the event, to raise money for the helipad, they were all in.”
That didn’t surprise her. They might have been hell raisers, but all four of them were good guys. For a moment, Ally wished she had a matchmaking business; those four hunky men would make her a fortune, and make some women very happy.
But Gavin was the one who set her heart racing. “My mom told me he’d gone to medical school.”
“He’s an emergency physician,” Lisa sighed. “Apparently, he’s up for anything regarding a date. Can you imagine?”
“Hmm.” She could imagine. She could imagine it very well. An idea started to form in Ally’s head. Maybe Gavin would be up for a weekend with her. At a wedding. “Do the bids go very high?”
“Sometimes a few thousand dollars. Although, word on the street is the guys opened up the dates to allow for some flexibility because they want to pull in some big money. What are you thinking?”
She was thinking she might have a date to the wedding, after all. Buying herself a big, handsome cowboy-doctor was very appealing. And Ally could afford it. Hell, her business just cracked the seven-figure mark, but even if it hadn’t, she could sell the engagement ring Lars left her with and have a grand old time helping out Marietta. That wasn’t a bad idea, actually. He’d been hinting that he wanted the ring back. What better way to give it back to him than by bringing a sweet, brilliant, handsome man to the wedding.
“So are you coming? I’d love to see you. I’ve missed you the last few times you’ve been in town.
“You bet,” Ally proclaimed. “It’s a good cause.”
“Yay! I can’t wait to see you! Vivi is coming too. It’s been too long.”
Ally smiled. She, Lisa, and Vivi Walker were inseparable in high school. They each went their separate ways for college, but kept in touch through social media and email, getting together at odd times. The auction at Grey’s was going to be a fun reunion. And if she won Gavin Clark in the auction, she’d consider the trip home an epic win.
Opening her desk drawer, Ally pulled out the velvet box that held the custom-made diamond ring that Lars had given her two years ago. The stone was flawless and it was massive, having been appraised at over thirty thousand dollars. She had a friend in downtown Seattle who owned an estate jewelry store who’d offered to take the ring off her hands whenever she was ready to unload it.
Gazing out at the ferries crossing Puget Sound, Ally decided it was time to make a phone call. The big, fat diamond was going to get her a wedding date.

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1pzxOVk


Weekend with her Bachelor by Jeannie Moon is book 4 in the Bachelor Auction series, but it can be read as a stand alone.

Gavin Clark is an ER physician. After his old coach's grandson dies from a brain injury following an accident, he focuses on nothing more than how to help people with future injuries. If the local hospital had a helipad, the boy may have been able to be saved.

As a way to raise money for the hospital, there is a Bachelor Auction. Gavin wants to help raise money and agrees to be one of the bachelors.

Ally Beaumont had moved to Seattle, far away from her home town of Marietta, Montana. She has made a name for herself in the event planning business, but her specialty is weddings. She is working on a destination wedding for a friend back home in Montana. Instead of it being awkward with her ex-fiance being there with the woman he cheated on her with, she wants to have a date with her instead of going alone.

When Ally finds out that Gavin will be one of the bachelors, she sells her engagement ring so she has enough money to be the highest bidder. If it doesn't work out at least she knows the money went to a good cause.

Ally and Gavin had been best friends for years. Unfortunately, they never told each other exactly how they felt for one another. Gavin is caught off guard when Ally is the highest bidder. At first he handles things wrong because of how awkward their relationship turned out to be.

When Gavin realizes that he wants Ally, he handles things differently. He wants to be with her, but is hurt when she doesn't want to be with him.

Ally goes to Gavin and tells him everything. She says how much she regrets losing her best friend and wants him back.

It is a lovely second chance story that I really enjoyed reading!

I will definitely go back and read the first three books in the series!


Jeannie Moon has always been a romantic. When she's not spinning tales of her own, Jeannie works as a school librarian, thankful she has a job that allows her to immerse herself in books. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jeannie has three kids, three lovable dogs, and resides on Long Island, NY. If she's more than ten miles away from salt water for any longer than a week, she gets twitchy.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1MUaT2b
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1qNDxaZ
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Jeannie_Moon

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RELEASE BLITZ: Guarding The Quarterback by Liz Matis

Title: Guarding The Quarterback
Series: Champions Of The Heart #1
Author: Liz Matis
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Sports Romance
Release Date: April 19, 2016


Miss Congeniality meets The Bodyguard
     Alexa Reeves
  The quarterback of the NY Kings has a body to die for, and as Dean Walker’s bodyguard I’m right in the line of fire. If that’s not dangerous enough, I’m posing as his girlfriend to keep close. Yet, that isn’t the worst part. He says I need a makeover to pass as his arm candy. Jerk. The more time I spend with him, the more my undercover role blurs with reality, and I’ll lose more than my job if I step over the line and into his bed.

    Dean Walker
  Let’s get something straight. I didn’t ask for protection, especially in the form of a female. Isn’t a death threat just another day in the life of a NY quarterback? Still, the owner of the team forces me to accept a security detail led by the tiny but tough Alexa Reeves.  
     But who is the real Alexa? The bodyguard, sworn to protect me, or the made-over vixen, determined to drive me crazy? As the stalker closes in, I realize I’ve put more than my life in her hands. Will Alexa safeguard my heart as fiercely as my body?

GOODREADS LINK:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29628910-guarding-the-quarterback


UK: http://amzn.to/1Vx1a59


Who the hell was knocking at my door at 7:00 a.m.? Normally, I’d be in bed with a smoking, curvy body snaked around me. Instead I’d become the fucking poster boy for celibacy. Horny as hell, I was not in a good mood. I whipped the door open, ready to take my frustration out on whoever was on the other side.
A barrel of a gun stared back at me. What the fuck? You would think my quick reflexes on the field would serve me off it. In this case they didn’t.
“Bang, bang, you’re dead,” quipped Reeves. My bodyguard smirked as she lowered her gun. “The security in this building sucks. I swept right by the doorman. And if you bothered to check the peephole, you wouldn’t be shitting in your Superman boxers right now.”
She breezed by, rolling a large suitcase behind her. Half naked, I just stood there, thunderstruck. Because of how Reeves looked with her hair down or because of the gun, I couldn’t say—or admit to.
Turning my head as she passed, I detected a slight wobble in her gait, from the heels no doubt. Still, her ass had a sexy sway in the body- hugging skirt. And what a body she had. Why did she hide those curves underneath boxy suits? Criminal. Hitting just above the knee, there was nothing criminal about the length of her skirt. She rocked it like that chick from Madmen, and somehow it was way hotter than a miniskirt.
Parking the suitcase by the end table, she turned and slid the gun inside her blazer, like it was a wallet instead of a weapon.
She was a walking contradiction. Was I more turned on by the way she handled the gun or by her cleavage beckoning me to suffocate myself in it? And those lips, now enhanced with a red gloss, made my morning hard-on roar back with a vengeance.
She looked soft. Touchable. But the look was lost in translation when it came to her body language. With her hands on her hips, she was as tough as the steel of the gun she carried. “Are you going to shut the door or what?”


What a great start to a new series!! Since I am an avid football fan, I really enjoy Liz Matis's football books. Dean Walker is the quarterback of the New York Kings. He is a player on and off the field, with a lot of women who would love to be with him.

When there are death threats made against him, the owner of his team hires a bodyguard for him. Dean doesn't take the threats seriously in the beginning and doesn't think he needs a bodyguard.

Alexa Reeves originally wanted to follow in her families footsteps and become a police officer. Little did she know how her job as a bodyguard would change her life.  After an extensive makeover, she is assigned as the bodyguard for Dean.

By posing as Dean's live-in girlfriend, Alexa is able to be with him 24 hours a day. At first she doesn't like him and isn't happy with her assignment. She takes charge of things and does what she needs to protect him from the threats.  After a few weeks, the attraction between Alexa and Dean builds. The fake girlfriend becomes his real girlfriend.

This is a fun, romantic sports themed story with suspense and mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed!!

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series called Playing for Gelato when it releases!!


Liz Matis is a mild-mannered accountant by day and writer of fun, flirty, fiery romances by night.
     Playing For Keeps, from her popular fantasy football romances, hit the #12 spot on the Barnes and Noble Nook Bestseller List and #26 on Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller. She has appeared on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list. Playing For Keeps (winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest), Going For It, and The Quarterback Sneak all hit the #1 spot in Sports Fiction on Amazon.
     In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching sports, and attending kickboxing classes. She’s been married for 31 years and believes in happily ever after.
     Fun Fact: Liz read her first romance at the age of fifteen and soon after wrote her first romances starring her friends and their latest crush!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/lizmatis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizMatisFanPage/

Newsletter:  Via Website http://www.lizmatis.com

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Release Day Review: Caught Up In Raine by LG o'Connor

BOOK #1 in the Caught Up In Love series (Romantic Women’s Fiction / New Adult)

An unforgettable debut in romantic women’s fiction, Caught Up in RAINE captures the struggle of a woman who must reconcile guilt from her past with the promise of a future as her life intersects with a much younger man who offers her a second chance to get “caught up” in love on her road to redemption.

Two Hearts. One soul-shattering decision. 40s romance writer plagued by loss comes to rescue of troubled 20s male cover model.

Forty-two and widowed, romance writer Jillian Grant believes hospitals equal death. Plagued by loss and convinced more is imminent when her aunt ends up in critical condition after heart surgery; she has come to equate the absence of pain with happiness. When she spots a hot, young landscaper working on the hospital grounds with an eerie resemblance to the male lead in her next novel, she convinces him to pose as her cover model.

Working multiple jobs to put himself through college, twenty-four-year-old Raine MacDonald is no stranger to loss. Behind his handsome face and rockin’ body lies family tragedy and agonizing secrets. When circumstances put him back in the path of his abusive father, fate delivers Jillian as his unwitting savior. Thing is, when he thinks of her, his thoughts are far from platonic.

Despite their age difference, Jillian and Raine discover they’re more alike than they could ever imagine. But torn between facing her own fears and grasping a chance at happiness, Jillian makes a soul-shattering decision that threatens to blow their world apart.  


My heart lifts and my shoulders relax the moment I step outside and the sun hits the crown of my head. The click-clack of my high-heeled sandals across the parking lot marks the distance between me and this godforsaken place. After a silent prayer for Vera, I switch mental gears and find my escape.

Drew, the male lead in my novel who’s loosely based on my real-life Drew, slips into my head the moment I sit behind the wheel. He’s particularly loud today, begging me to write some hot scenes with Becca.

Ah, to be young and brimming with hormones.

I smile and flip on the air-conditioning. “Down, boy. You’ll need to wait until I get home.” I picture him scowling at me with his muscled arms crossed.

One glance in the rearview mirror tells me I need some major construction on my face. Thank God for waterproof mascara. Kitty missed my mini-breakdown before she arrived. No wonder she kept checking to see if I was okay. I look like total crap.

I pull out my compact and smooth my face with mineral powder, dab on some lipstick, and feather on a subtle layer of blush. Makeup always cures what ails me to some degree. “Look good, feel good,” Aunt Vera always says.

Rather than heading out the front entrance, I turn onto the long, winding drive toward the east-side exit. A chunky dump truck emblazoned with Petrillo’s Landscape Design blocks my way. Saplings with puffy treetops are visible over the side.

Seriously? Swearing under my breath, I calculate my chances of squeezing my SUV past the truck and arrive at an unwanted answer. So I shove the car in neutral, set the brake, and get out. I stalk around the oversized Tonka toy to where four guys are digging various parts of a new landscape bed.

My eye gravitates to one in particular. Oh. My. God. Above a pair of dirt-encrusted jeans, his broad, sun-kissed shoulders glimmer in the sunlight. A landscape of ripples contract along his back and arms as he works. His tawny-blond hair is drawn back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck.

I force my slack jaw back into place. “Excuse me.”

Four heads turn at once, and when the blond turns, my breath sucks in fast.
Drew. He looks like Drew—at least in my head and from what I remember. Narrow waist, hard, and lean. Unlike the rest of guys with shovels, he hasn’t used his body as a living canvas for self-expression. He has no ink. But I only wonder why for about half a second. My brain is too busy superimposing Drew as I fight not to gape.

“Um, can someone pull up the truck? I’m trying to get out,” I say, doing my best to be polite. I look away to hide my blush.

An older, dark-haired guy tosses a set of keys to the blond. “Yo. Catch.” By process of elimination, he has to be the “Petrillo” named on the side of the truck. The other two men are smaller Hispanic guys, and the blond doesn’t particularly strike me as a “Petrillo.”

My heart races as the blond trots over with the keys. He scoops up a white T-shirt lying in a mound on the grass on his way over, and wipes his face. Giving me a crooked smile, he heads to the driver’s side.

“Hey, sorry about that. You’re the first person to head down this way all day.”
“This exit points me closer to where I need to go. Sorry to be a pain.”

“No problem,” he says, and climbs up into the cab. The timbre of his voice sends chills down my spine. It’s Drew’s voice . . . or maybe just my overactive imagination.
He stares down at me quizzically. “You good?”

I realize he’s waiting for me. “Uh, yeah,” I say, waking up from my daydream haze and forcing myself back into the SUV to back up.

Acrid black smoke rises skyward from the truck’s vertical exhaust accompanied by the dull roar of the engine as he drives past me, his profile catching my peripheral vision.
My brain short-circuits as my sandal hits the gas pedal. How can I just leave?
The idea hits me like a sledgehammer, and I jam on the brakes. The blond guy is on his way back to where the other guys are planting trees when my mouth develops a mind of its own.
“Excuse me,” I yell impulsively through the open window.
He alters his direction and comes over. Stooping down, he leans his hands on my open window. “What’s up?”

His sudden proximity heightens my heart rate. For a split second, I almost lose my nerve until I look into his stunning blue eyes—Drew’s eyes. For a second, I’m back in the summer of 1990, sitting behind the wheel of my dad’s Chrysler.

Drew drops his backpack of schoolbooks onto his driveway, and leans into the open car window. His eyes, blue like the summer sky, connect with mine. Tawny blond hair falls down around his face. “I’ll pick you up at six-thirty for the concert,” he says and presses his lips to mine. Then he steps back, juts out his hips, and breaks into an air guitar riff and the first line of “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Giggling, I shift into reverse. “Later, Bon Jovi. Love ya.”

“Love ya, too,” he shouts back, scooping his books off the blacktop.
If I’d only known how little time we had left, I would’ve done so many things differently, kissed him a little longer . . . held onto him a little tighter.
I take a second to compose myself and clear my throat. “Um, this may sound strange, but how would you like to be on a book cover?”
His head jerks back slightly, and his eyebrows fly up. “What?”
Undeterred, I give him a sweet smile and repeat slowly, “Would you. Like to be. On a book cover?”
He chuckles. “I’m not mentally deficient. I heard the question. I’m just not sure what you mean.”
I can’t help but stare at his delicious full lips, wishing I were half my age. I take a deep breath and prepare for his refusal. “You happen to resemble the male lead in a novel I’m writing, and I haven’t had a book cover designed yet. I’m wondering if you’d like to be on it.”
The corner of his mouth tips up. “I think I’m flattered.”
I can’t suppress my smile, secretly glad I fixed my face earlier.
“What would this entail, exactly?” he asks.

“A two- to three-hour photo shoot.” As if I haven’t been impulsive enough, I add, “Sometime this week.”

He gives me a pointed look. “Clothed, right?”
I tilt my head, a spark of hope flaring inside me. “Pretty much the way you’re dressed right now, except with cleaner clothes.”
He looks down at his pants and grins. Then his mouth turns into a frown. “Hmm. This week might be tight.”

“Is that a yes?” My heart picks up tempo.
Petrillo yells over, “Yo! Stop flirting with the nice lady and get back to work, man.”
“Hey, I gotta go.”

“Wait.” I fumble in my purse and pull out a business card. Without thinking, I thrust the card at him and blurt, “I’ll pay you $300 in cash.”

His eyes light up. “Really?” Then he glances at my card. “You’re on, Jillian Grant. By the way, I would’ve done it for free.” Wearing a lopsided smile, he shoves the card in his pocket and taps the side of the SUV with his hand. “I’ll text you.”

A thrill shoots through me as he heads off, and then I remember. “Wait! What’s your name?”
He turns and calls, “Raine. With an e.”

I smile. Raine with an e. It suits him, almost better than Drew.

For the first time all day, I feel alive.


I really enjoy reading books by authors that are "new" to me. Caught Up In Raine is the first book the new Caught Up In Love series by L.G. O'Connor. 

It is a wonderful heartwarming story that is powerful and full of emotion. I was thoroughly wrapped up in this story and didn't want to stop reading it until I was done. 

Jillian Grant is a 42-year old New York Times best-selling author. She is visiting her sick aunt in the hospital when she sees Raine, whom she is enthralled with. He looks strikingly similar to Drew, the love of her life who passed away many years ago. Since the new book she is writing features Drew, Jillian asks Raine to be the cover model for the book.

Raine MacDonald is a 25-year old part-time landscaper and bartender who is also pursuing his college degree. He is attracted to Jillian and agrees to pose for her cover pictures. He also can use the money she has offered him.

Both characters have had their own traumas in the past that have molded them: Raine had lost his mother at a young age and his father is abusive. Jillian has had many family members, including her husband, pass away. She is always afraid of losing someone else. 

Even though there is a big age difference and Jillian is not sure she should do it, she and Raine start a relationship. They help each other heal from their loss and life experiences. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am very much looking forward to reading the next story in this series!!


L.G. O’Connor is a member of the Romance Writers of America. A corporate strategy and marketing executive for a Fortune 250 company, she writes adult paranormal and contemporary romance. She is the author of the four-book, one-novella urban fantasy / paranormal romance series The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles. The third full length novel launches in 2016. In addition, she is the author of the upcoming Romantic Women’s Fiction / New Adult Caught Up in Love series. L.G. lives a life of adventure, navigating her way through dog toys and soccer balls. When she’s feeling particularly brave, she enters the kitchen . . .

Find & Follow L.G. O’Connor Online:

Twitter: @lgoconnor1
Book site: www.caughtupinraine.com