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Playing With Temptation by Erika Wilde


When Raina Beck is given an invitation to The Players Club, all she wants is a night of decadence with a gorgeous, sexy stranger. The seductive, mysterious man she meets fulfills her deepest desires and most erotic fantasies, giving her a night she’ll never forget. But forgetting him isn’t quite so easy.
Logan Cruz prefers his women submissive and compliant in the bedroom . . . everything the independent Raina is not. Yet from the first moment he lays eyes on her, he’s determined to make Raina his.  Despite her resistance.
When Logan is assigned to protect Raina from a stalker, everything between them changes. Sex becomes more than just physical, and emotions run deep. Falling in love was never on Raina’s agenda, but can she let go of the past and surrender the one thing he wants the most . . . her heart?


Raina Beck finished helping a customer select a bottle of warming massage oil, then headed over to the lingerie section of her store, Sugar and Spice, a sensual, upscale adult boutique that catered to the residents of San Diego. She paused at the rack of new arrivals, where her good friend, Jillian Noble, was perusing the gorgeous items.
“Find anything you like?” Raina asked as the other woman contemplated a leopard print bustier before putting it back on the stand.
Jillian smiled at her as she shuffled through a few more pieces. “The problem is, there’s too much to like, which is a good thing. I’m looking for something a little different than everything I already have . . .” Her words trailed off, and her eyes lit up as she lifted a hanger displaying a sexy red ensemble that consisted of a demi bra, a short flirty skirt that was only a few inches of fabric that would barely cover her bottom, and a matching lace thong, along with a garter belt and thigh-high stockings.
“I think this is it,” Jillian announced with a succinct nod of her head.
“If Dean comes home to find you wearing that outfit, I think all bets are off,” Raina teased her friend.
“That’s what I’m counting on, and I think he’ll really like the short little skirt, too.” She handed the hanger to Raina. “I’ll take it, along with one of those feather ticklers you have on display, the one with the soft ostrich feathers.”
“You got it.” Raina smiled, knowing Jillian, a good customer, appreciated the more sexually adventurous items Sugar and Spice provided to those who wanted to kink up their sex lives. Selecting a tickler with deep red feathers to match the outfit, she met her friend up at the front counter.
As she rang up Jillian’s purchases, she asked, “How are you enjoying working with Stephanie?”
“I absolutely love it. I couldn’t be happier,” Jillian said, her expression reflecting her newfound joy. “I’m helping her design those fantasy suites at the hotel, and tomorrow I have a consultation with a woman who wants to redecorate her bedroom in a sexier version theme of The Secret Garden.”
“Sounds like a fun project.” Raina swiped Jillian’s credit card to process the sale. The two of them had become close friends over the past months, and because she knew Jillian’s husband had been so opposed to his wife taking a job, Raina couldn’t help but wonder how that was going. “Is everything still good with Dean and you working for Stephanie?”
“He’s getting used to it and adjusting. I make sure I always have time for just the two of us, and it keeps him happy.”
“Men really are such basic creatures,” Raina said with a laugh. “Keep them plied with food and sex and they’re happy, content, and satisfied.”
Jillian lifted a curious brow. “Speaking of men and sex . . . when are you going to indulge a little?”
Raina shrugged as she wrapped her ensemble in pink tissue and tucked it into a bag. “I think all the good guys are taken. And then there’s the men that find out I own a sex toy boutique and decide I’m fair game for outrageous, kinky sex, because, you know, I have access to all sorts of depraved items.”
She rolled her eyes to make light of her comment, but the truth ran much deeper and stirred up other painful memories that reminded her of why she kept her heart and emotions under lock and key—the pain of such complete and utter rejection was something that had left her guarded, and very cautious when it came to a man’s interest in her.
Admittedly, she did enjoy hot, adventurous sex. After all, she’d opened Sugar and Spice as a way to help women empower themselves sexually, to get in touch with their desires and be confident enough to enjoy every aspect of sex. But she also knew it took an equally strong, self-assured man to accept her line of business, to not feel threatened or embarrassed by the fact that she owned a boutique that catered to enhancing sexual pleasure.
Unfortunately, over the years she’d learned that she wasn’t the best judge of character when it came to a man’s motives and his reasons for dating her, which also made it extremely difficult to decipher what was real, or if she was nothing more than someone’s dirty little secret that they used until the excitement wore off.
Too many painful experiences had taught her that because of what she did for a living, men were more than willing to fuck her like a porn star in private, but they drew the line at taking her out in public, or bringing her home to meet the family, which made her feel cheap and dirty—as if her own father’s fire and brimstone prediction about her being a whore had come true. Men didn’t date a woman like her with long term in mind, and it had become much easier for Raina to keep her emotional distance rather than face criticism and the sting of rejection all over again.
She’d been burned a few times, and she wasn’t allowing any man to get close enough to do it again. Now, sex was all about physical pleasure, nothing more, and she’d recently decided that if anyone was going to do the using, it was going to be her for a change. Unfortunately, an opportunity hadn’t presented itself, but if the right guy came along, she certainly wasn’t opposed to enjoying a no-strings-attached, one-night-stand.
“Maybe you need hot anonymous sex,” Jillian suggested with a naughty twinkle in her eye, as if she’d had a direct link to Raina’s thoughts.
“It’s been a long, dry spell and the idea is definitely tempting,” Raina replied, a humorous note lacing the truth of her words. Vibrators and sex toys did the job as far as getting her off, but it couldn’t replace the feel or pleasure of a strong, powerful, virile man thrusting deep inside of her, or having his hands skimming along her curves, his hot mouth seducing hers.
Yes, she definitely missed that, and the provocative thought made her feel a bit flushed.
Jillian bit her bottom lip for a second before reaching into her purse and pulling out a white envelope. “You’ve done a lot for me, and I want to do something for you for a change. Take this, and indulge yourself.” She pushed the envelope across the counter to Raina.
Raina picked it up and read the word, Welcome, embossed in black across the front. “What is this?” she asked, confused and curious at the same time.
“An invitation to The Players Club.”
Raina’s eyes widened in surprise, and her heart fluttered in her chest with undeniable excitement. She knew exactly what The Players Club was—a private, members-only sex club that catered to an elite and prominent clientele in order to maintain its exclusivity. A personal recommendation was required to even visit the club, and since Dean and Jillian had recently become members, they now had the privilege of extending an invitation to a guest.
And Jillian had chosen her.
“Oh, wow,” Raina breathed as she brushed her thumb over the embossed lettering on the envelope, still in shock. “Really?”
“Yes, really,” Jillian mimicked playfully. “You deserve a sexy night all to yourself, and I can guarantee that any fantasy you have can be fulfilled at The Players Club.”
Raina had plenty of private, naughty fantasies stored away in the deepest recesses of her mind, none of which she’d ever shared because those scenarios were just too wicked and forbidden to reveal to any of the guys she’d dated up to this point, all of whom had big egos and had been self-centered lovers. Yes, she owned a boutique that sold all sorts of kinky items to enhance sex play, but it took a strong, confident man who didn’t feel threatened by her expertise to give her what she desired, who knew what she needed without asking and made that pleasure his sole focus.
Finding that kind of compelling man at The Players Club in one night was improbable but certainly more possible than in her daily life, and she wasn’t about to refuse Jillian’s gift. She’d been given the equivalent of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, but instead of gorging on chocolate, she planned to indulge in as many orgasms as she could.

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I am a big fan of  Erika Wilde's books!
I loved her Marriage Diaries series from the beginning and couldn't wait to read this book!

In Playing with Temptation we meet Raina Beck and Logan Cruz. Raina is a friend of Jillian from The Marriage Diaries. She owns the store that Jillian and Dean purchased items at to spice up their marriage. Jillian gives Raina an invitation to try a night at The Players Club and had a great time with a hot guy. When she stalked by someone, Logan who is the guy she was with but ran out on, is assigned by Dean to be her bodyguard.  

While watching out for Raina, Logan realizes he wants a relationship with her. Raina has built up walls so she doesn't get hurt as she has in the past. Logan works on showing her that she can let down her walls and he will be there for her.

I loved this story! It is a great romance and has a touch of suspense.

This is the first book in the Players Club series and
I can't wait to read the next book in the series when it comes out!

About the Author:

Erika Wilde (aka Janelle Denison) is the USA Today bestselling author of over 50 contemporary romances for multiple print publishers.
So, why the new pen name? 
As Janelle Denison I’ve always written sexy books, but lately my writing has taken on more erotic elements that I wanted to keep separate for readers because not everyone likes their reading material on the spicier, kinkier side of romance.   However, please be assured that even as Erika Wilde, you will still get an emotionally layered story with characters you’ll care about and fall in love with.   That is always my goal, whether I’m writing straight contemporary romances, or more erotically charged stories.

Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/1GIvhLE
Twitter: http://bit.ly/1N3Grws
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1GIvxKv
Amazon Page: http://amzn.to/1xr0eV9

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Clipped by Love by Toni Aleo
Contemporary Romance

Things are heating up for the Sinclair boys! With one already in the NHL, Jayden Sinclair is hoping to be next!

This has been the toughest year of my life. I watched my brother go into the draft without me, my mom got divorced, and the weight of my family’s issues is heavy on my shoulders. I feel like it’s my job to fix everything while working my butt off in school and trying to make my game better. I have to go into the draft. It will give my family the support they need, and it will prove that I’m good enough. But to get there, I have to show I can be the best captain for the Bellevue Bullies. The spot is mine—no one can take it. First though, Jude is making me go on a brother’s weekend. Innocent enough, I guess…until I see her. She’s the biggest competitor I’ve ever faced. Not only for my spot but also my heart. It’s hard to ignore someone like Baylor Moore.


I don’t lose. I can’t. My dad has bred me to be the best in anything I do. I am driven, I am smart, and I am going to be the first woman in the National Hockey League. No two ways about it. I’ve worked too hard. I’ve been through too much not to have what I want. I know I can do it. I will make my dad proud, and no one will stand in the way of that. That is, until I let him in. He scares me. He makes me feel. And he could very well be the one person who can make me want more than just to win.

We both have the same goal. Victory. But how do you compete against the person you want to win? It’s not easy. Love isn’t something you can control. It isn’t like a puck that can be handled by a stick. No, it has a mind of its own and does what it wants.

Neither of us saw it coming, and we really don’t know if there is a way to score, especially when you’re being Clipped by Love.


Bellevue Bullies #1

Boarded by Love by Toni Aleo

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: September 8th, 2014

Jude Sinclair here, hockey player for the Bellevue Bullies and lover of all ladies. Hockey’s in my blood, and not to sound full of myself, but I’m good at it…really good. The draft is within my reach—it’s mine to take—but that’s not the only reason people know my name. They know me because of my way with women. They know the score, and I aim to please. I just tend to stay away from repeat performances. In other words, I don’t do relationships beyond my family and friends. I’m happy with life. However, I should warn you that my story and how I see it playing out is about to change due to a certain redhead on campus.

She’s beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking.

She’s my game changer.

He’s trouble from the moment I see him. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but from the moment I meet his gaze, I’m his. It’s a scary feeling.

I’ve never trusted anyone outside my aunt and uncle—and even that took months. I didn’t have it easy growing up. My mom was usually strung out, and she didn’t give me a second thought. Drugs and the men who paid her were more important to her. It was horrible, but I’m stronger today. Because of my past, security is what I need most. Money assures me that I can take care of myself today, tomorrow, and next month. I don’t want to ever be hungry or go without again, so I work hard for every penny.

Oh, by the way, I’m Claire Anderson. I’m a hard-studying sophomore at the University of Bellevue, dancer for the school dance team, and a burlesque dancer at a club, but that’s my secret.

You may think you know how our story ends, but you have no clue. It’s not easy falling in love… or living happily ever after. At first it may seem so, but when is anything worth having ever won without a fight?

Especially when you’re boarded by love.



About the Author

Toni Aleo is the author of the Nasvhille Assassins series: Taking ShotsTrying to ScoreEmpty Net, Falling for the Backup, and Blue Lines.
When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s probably going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel.
She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children, and a bulldog. Read more about Toni here.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads 

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Release Day Review of Until You by Jeannie Moon


When newly divorced Kate Adams is approached on the sunny deck of a California hotel by hockey star David Burke, and he invites her to dinner, she almost says no. He’s obviously younger than her. And charming. And drop dead gorgeous. But there’s also something sweet about David, so Kate—who hasn’t done anything spontaneous in a very long time—accepts his invitation.

It is, after all, her fortieth birthday.

However, a real romance with thirty-year-old David, whose picture is in the gossip pages as often as it’s in the sports pages, is out of the question. No matter how much she wants him, it’s just too risky.

But meeting Kate has been David’s lightning strike. She’s the one for him, and he has no intention of giving up on her.

So while Kate guards her fragile heart, David sets out to win her over with the same determination that drives him on the ice.

And he’ll break every rule in the book if he has to.

Buy Links:

Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Until-You-Jeannie-Moon-ebook/dp/B00S8U0MZM/?tag=untilyou-20

Amazon Kindle UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Until-You-Jeannie-Moon-ebook/dp/B00S8U0MZM/?tag=untilyou-21

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/until-you/id973163579?mt=11


Until you is an awesome new book by Jeannie Moon. I am a big fan of her books.

The main characters are Kate Adams and David Burke.

Kate Adams is newly divorced and is spending her 40th birthday alone with a bottle of wine at a hotel bar. She is approached by David Burke where he asks her to dinner. They go out and there is instant chemistry between the two of them. What begins as a one-time thing, David realizes that he wants to continue to see Kate.
Because David is a professional hockey player and 10 years younger than her, Kate is very reluctant to have a relationship with David and keeps trying to push him away. Kate has been hurt enough in her life and doesn’t want to open herself to be hurt again if she has a relationship with David.

David doesn’t want to lose Kate and keeps pursuing her until she finally gives in and says yes to see where a relationship with David will go. While David and Kate are working on their relationship they encounter many “bumps in the road” caused by other people in their life. The way they dealt with Kate’s ex-husband Richard, his fiancĂ© and the pushy woman that keeps trying to attach herself to David is exceptional.

It is a book that I was so interested in that I didn’t want to put it down. There is the main story of David and Kate, but then there is also a story involving Kate’s daughter Laura and a team mate of David’s named Jack.

I loved this story and would definitely recommend reading it!

I look forward to reading more about the characters in David and Kate’s world and other stories that Ms. Moon writes!

Meet the Author

Jeannie Moon

Jeannie Moon has always been a romantic. When she's not spinning tales of her own, Jeannie works as a school librarian, thankful she has a job that allows her to immerse herself in books. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jeannie has three kids, three lovable dogs and a mischievous cat, and resides on Long Island, NY. If she's more than ten miles away from salt water for any longer than a week, she gets twitchy. 

Visit her website at www.jeanniemoon.com

Visit her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jeanniemoon