Friday, November 7, 2014

Review of The Present (The Malloy Family #8.5) by Beth Williamson

Review of The Present (The Malloy Family #8.5) by Beth Williamson


I am a big fan of Beth Williamson's books and The Malloy Family series!!

Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone, but I have enjoyed reading many of the books in the series and love them all.  I like how you read a new story in the series, but it also updates you on how the other characters you have previously read are doing.

The main characters of  The Present are Ethan Malloy and Fiona Carmichael.  Ethan is one of the six Malloy children. There are five brothers and a sister who are all grown and have their own families at this point in the series.

Ethan is a widower, whose wife Bonita had passed away two years prior to the time of this story.  She unfortunately had been very sick for a few years before passing on. Ethan still grieves her loss, feels all alone and is even at her grave at the beginning of the story.

Fiona Carmichael is on her way to the Peterson ranch in the middle of a blinding snow storm to report for her new housekeeper job.  After her horse runs away she sees a light burning which is Ethan’s house. She goes in the house to seek shelter from the storm and get warm. Ethan is furious that Fiona has trespassed, is in his house and thinks she is lying about how she got there in the first place.

As the day progresses, Ethan and Fiona tell each other about themselves. They start to realize that they actually like each other.  There is a plan made to take Fiona to the Peterson ranch the next day, which gets changed when they have visitors that night.

It was very nice to see Ethan finally have his HEA and be happy in the end. The Present is also a stories that help us further believe that we each have guardian angels that are looking out for us. I certainly believe that.

I would recommend this book very much!!

If you haven't read the other books in the series, you would love them also!! 

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