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Release Day Review: SOMEONE LIKE YOU (The Harrisons Book 2) by Jennifer Gracen

A Zebra Shout Fresh New Romance

Pierce Harrison—yes, that Pierce Harrison, black sheep of the wealthy Harrison clan—has come home to his family's luxurious Long Island compound. The big question is why the dangerously sexy soccer star agreed to coach a kids' soccer team. His co-coach Abby McCord should be grateful. Instead she's fending off some seriously smoldering advances from the scandal-ridden athlete. Good thing bad boys are so not her type . . .

Abby is definitely not lacking in passion, but the sweet-faced beauty needs to learn a thing or two about taking a team to the championship—and a whole lot about how to let a man into her once-broken heart. Pierce definitely knows how to make the moves, but will Abby trust that the bachelor the world has condemned as a scoundrel can settle down with the one woman who has taken hold of his heart?

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Someone Like You is the second book in The Harrisons series by Jennifer Gracen.

Abby McCord has returned home after having her heart broken. She is focusing on her job, as well as helping her parents and sister raise her nephew Dylan. She is a first grade teacher and the coach of Dylan's soccer team.

Pierce Harrison has returned home to Long Island after a scandal ended his pro English football career. His sister Tess welcomes him home and wants to help him.She allows him to stay with her at her house until he figures out what he wants to do next.

One day Pierce meets his childhood friend at the local park and he sees the kids playing soccer. While watching the game, he notices Abby and becomes interested in her. He is asked to help Abby coach her team. Abby is wary at first, but sees how good he is with helping the kids.

Pierce asks Abby to go out with him. Having been hurt very badly in the past, she has major trust issues and is reluctant to go. Pierce encourages her to take one day at a time to see where things go. The two of them find they enjoy being together and a relationship develops. 

Pierce has a toxic relationship with his father: When at a party for his brother Dane, they get into a heated argument. Pierce is drunk and feeling bad, so he pushes Abby away. He thinks it's better if he ends things with her instead of her leaving him, which would hurt him more. He realizes right away that he has made a big mistake and spends the next few days down and drinking. His siblings have a talk with him and make him realize a lot of things he needs to change. 

I really enjoyed this book! Abby is a strong woman who unfortunately has been hurt many times. She is not sure she should, but lets her guard down to try one more time with Pierce.

It was a very nice part of the story where Pierce's siblings have the talk with him. He thought they weren't interested in him. They show him that they are and try to help.

I am looking forward to reading more about the Harrison family. I also hope there will be a story with Tess. I really like how she is so supportive of her brothers and helps them so much. 



Jennifer grew up torn between her two great loves: books and music. She spent most of her younger years unable to choose whether to be a writer or a singer. After spending her youth writing in private and singing in public, she now only sings in her car and has fully embraced her lifelong passion for writing.
Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Jennifer lives there currently with her two young sons.
Jennifer got her AA in Music from Dean College, attended Berklee College of Music for 2 years, and eventually got her BA in English from Molloy College. She worked as a copy editor before choosing to stay home full-time to raise her children. Now, she is copy editing and proofreading steadily on a freelance basis.
When she isn’t taking care of her family, reading, copy editing, or feeding her addictions to Twitter & Facebook, Jennifer is writing.
Jennifer is a member of the Romance Writers of America and is active in the Long Island Romance Writers (RWA Chapter 160). She is also a member of the CTRWA.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/231UNpa
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/jennifergracen

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