Sunday, May 8, 2016

Whiskey and Women (Hearts of Nashville Book 1) by Amelia C. Adams

Contract lawyer Meg Forrester has just had a parting of ways with her firm. Well, she quit, actually, but same thing. When her good friend Kate wins a trip to Nashville, all expenses paid, to see her favorite country music singer, Meg figures she might as well go along for the ride and shake off the cobwebs. 

Quinn Dawson grew up poor but hit it big time with his first album. Now he's been around the block a few times and has several million tucked away, part of which he's using to care for his parents. Offering a trip to Nashville in a fundraising raffle seems like a great way to bring attention to the cause, and when he sees who won the prize, he feels like a winner too. 

There's just one slight problem - Quinn's an alcoholic, and Meg has made herself a promise never to get involved with someone who drinks. 

From the bestselling author of the Kansas Crossroads series comes the story of two broken people coming together and creating a whole.



Meg Forrester is a contract lawyer who isn't very happy with her current job. When her friend Kate wins a contest to spend a week in Nashville with country star Quin Dawson, Kate asks Meg to go with her. There is a problem with getting the time off on top of other things that have bothered Meg about the firm she works at, so she decides to leave. She wants to start her own law firm anyway.

Meg knows nothing about country music star Quinn Dawson, so she looks up information about him online. She forms her won opinion of him based on what she has read. After spending time with Quinn, Meg realizes that she has been wrong. You shouldn't always jump to conclusions based on what you read. Quinn has changed and she becomes interested in him.

Quinn Dawson has come a long way in his country singing career. He has also changed his life from the way he used to be. No longer, the "bad boy" of country, he has focused on taking care of his family. He is interested in Meg, and finds he doesn't want her to leave when is supposed to go home.

This is the first book I have read by Amelia C. Adams and I really enjoyed it!

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series called Halos and Horns!


Amelia C. Adams

Amelia C. Adams is a wife, a mother, and a novelist. She spends her days dreaming up stories and her nights writing them down. Her biggest hero is her husband, and you might just see bits and pieces of him as you read her novels.

She loves all things historical and enjoys learning about days gone by, but she's glad she was born more recently (she won't say how recently or not recently) because the Internet is awesome, and she's glad she doesn't have to wash her clothes by hand in a galvanized tub. She has hit Amazon bestseller status twice, once for A Clean Slate and once for A Clear Hope.

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